Whether you run a hotel, own a restaurant, manage a currency exchange office or run a limousine service, our platform rewards everyone who contributes. TAX FREE commission is the perfect way to make it worth your while to offer great customer service.

Get sign-on commission

We offer a sign-on commission program as a premium for signing on users. The commission means, that a 20% cut from our net revenue on a single transaction, is released to your account every time a Custom Cash user, that you have recruited, makes a TAX FREE purchase through Custom Cash. And this will continue for 3 years, from the date the user was recruited.

How to sign on users?

Every time you are servicing a guest or customer, who is eligible for TAX FREE refund in your country, inform them that Custom Cash offers the highest TAX FREE refund available. Then it’s only a matter of downloading the app. When registering, he or she needs to apply your unique partner-ID, to connect the user and your account. Now, each time, for the next 3 years, when this specific user makes a TAX FREE purchase through Custom Cash, your business will get a 20% commission. Start recruiting users today and your commission will grow fast.
If getting high commission whenever your guests and customers purchase TAX FREE for 3 years sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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