We want to make TAX FREE shopping as convenient and profitable as possible for everyone involved. We value our retailers, and to show our appreciation, we offer stores the highest TAX FREE kickback available on the market today. Let us explain the two types of kickback we offer partner stores.
Store kickback, is the TAX FREE kickback your store receives from every TAX FREE purchase, made in the store by a shopper using the Custom Cash tax service. We offer different kickback plans in different countries, but all of them are competitive and with the highest kickback possible in any specific country.
Partner commission is a commission rewarding partner stores for signing on Custom Cash users. The commision means, that a 20% cut from our net revenue on a single transaction, is released to your account every time a Custom Cash user, that you have recruited, makes a TAX FREE purchase through Custom Cash. And this will continue for 3 years, from the date the user was recruited.
How to sign up users?
Every time you are servicing a customer, who is eligible for TAX FREE refund in your country, inform them that Custom Cash offers the highest TAX FREE refund available. Then it’s only a matter of downloading the app. When registering, he or she needs to apply your unique partner-ID, to connect the user and your account. Now, each time, for the next 3 years, when this specific customer makes a TAX FREE purchase through Custom Cash, your business will get a 20% commission. Start recruiting users today and your commission will grow fast.
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